About me

Hello, my name is Conny Lu, and I am a second year PhD student at Department of Computer Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill advised by Prof. Henry Fuchs in UNC Graphics and Virtual Reality group. I received my BS degree in Automation from Tsinghua University, advised by Prof. Yebin Liu in Broadband Network & Digital Media Lab.

Research Interests

My research interests are mainly VR/AR and Computer Graphics(including 3D reconstruction, rendering and virtual environment). Now I’m working on combining virtual human with VR/AR and trying to create a high-fidelity user-specific human face with high-precision tracked gaze. Visual Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence also fascinate me a lot. My previous projects focused on Computer Graphics (e.g. 3D reconstruction, character animation, 3D pose estimation) and Computer Vision (e.g. image matting, neural style).


I wish to immerse myself in a “generated world” where I create characters, scenes and the whole world by myself, interact with virtual agents and experience different life. Helping other people to design their own virtual world(VR) or combine virtual elements with real world(AR) is my passion. “Enter Into Virtuality” is my ultimate goal and also what I will dedicate my entire life to.


One of my classmates and I made a Light Cube in our second year of college after learning an interesting course called Digital Electronics. We also used this Light Cube to show different patterns, such as his ex-girlfriend’s name. :)

Constructocat by https://github.com/jasoncostello


There is no doubt that my biggest hobby is anime. Since I watched “Detective Conan” in the third grade of elementary school, I am crazy about anime for more than ten years. I especially love mystery (e.g. Detective Conan, Death Note, Psychic Detective Yakumo) and blood/battle anime(e.g. Attack on Titan, Naruto, BLEACH).
Below is an image of RIVAL(a character in Attack on Titan) and me.

Constructocat by https://github.com/jasoncostello

One of my other interests is dancing. I tried almost all kinds of dances, popping, hiphop, jazz, locking, etc. My favorite one is popping, it is soooooo cool!!! People DANCE LIKE ROBOTS OR PUPPETS!!!
Here’s a fantastic video!

Special Experience

I have learned German for 6 years in my middle school and past the DSD C1 examination. At the first year in the high school, I spent one semester in Goettingen, Germany as an exchange student(Austauschschueler). That was a very amazing time. I met a lot of interesting people and I love Germany kids very much!
Below is the beautiful wall of my exchange Germany high school.

Constructocat by https://github.com/jasoncostello